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Qualifications of Key Personnel

The Alliance approach is to utilize highly competent personnel that are very effective at their portion of the project and offer the capacity to take on projects big and small. Alliances technical staff includes:

Gary Anthon, Project manager and lead engineer. Gary has been in the automation industry since 1989 with extensive experience in engineering and project execution. Gary has the experience of over 200 projects with complex design schemes including: Indirect, Direct, Evaporative Cooling (IDEC), fume hood laboratories, BSL3 labs and clean rooms.

Gordon Beckstrom, lead programmer/project manager. Gordon is an Alerton and Tridium certified software programmer. Gordon is experienced in construction management and installation practices that allow him to execute a project from all phases of construction.

Chris Gardner, lead technician/field engineer. Chris has over ten years experience in automation and controls the extends beyond HVAC and into industrial controls. Chris is capable of ensuring that all mechanical equipment is functioning and controlling properly.

Jason Strong, networking. Jason is an IT Professional with over 19 years of in-depth experience in the IT business. Jason managed an IT department that covered locations throughout the US, Europe and Japan.  He has extensive experience and knowledge in network connectivity, VPN’s, firewalls, security and servers. Jason is instrumental in ensuring that our networks are able to connect to customers infrastructure.

Our technical team is capable of executing even the most complex building automation systems and Alliances quality control assures that they are successful.